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Julie Bowman (Content Writer)

Scope of work
Brand Identity
Content Management Setup
Website Design
Website Development
Advanced Web Interactions

Steady Source needed a brand logo and a website that is reflective of the Steady Source business model.


Steady Source Global is different because of their culture. Their people and culture are their real strength. They've worked for over a decade to develop the environment of an extended office, to create an atmosphere and location attracts and keeps the best employees. By doing so, they've created a successful workplace and workforce by cultivating respect, making onsite visits, hosting annual events, supporting community outreach programs, and providing pathways for individual growth. As an extended office, the people are an integral component of their business. Knowing them well, and helping you get to known them well, sets them apart.


I started with several variations of the logo working with shapes and icons. Created mood boards and used photography given to me from their team.

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